Family business with fervour!

The beginnings of our tree nursery go back to the year of 1928. The foundation of the enterprise lie in the sowing and transplanting of spruces (Picea). Throughout time the assortment hat continuously been extended and the family business has expanded steadily throughout the following generations.

We have an area of approximately 130 ha under cultivation with modern machinery and are thereby able to offer you a wide variety of forest woods, landscape woods and young Christmas trees in excellent quality. Our employees sort the plants professionally and with a high standard of quality. Storing takes place in our cold storage houses and heeling-in ground.

Cutting-edge with technology

Our scope of supply

From the beginning, the competence of the tree nursery lies in the sowing and the transplanting of decidious and coniferous woods for forests and such like. We offer our wide assortment of German and international origins to you. Additionally we provide you with young plants for Christmas trees as well as a selected range of landscape woods. Our bare-rooted plants can be ordered as seedlings or as transplanted young plants.

We produce our plants mostly for ongoing culturing, but also for wholesale.

Additionally we offer contractual growing.

To grant you the best possible quality, we are registered in the following associations

  • Verband deutscher Forstbaumschulen e.V. (VDF)
  • Forum forstliches Vermehrungsgut e.V. (FfV)
  • Zertifizierungsring für überprüfbare forstliche Herkunft Süddeutschland e.V. (ZüF)
  • Erzeugergemeinschaft für gebietseigene Baumschulerzeugnisse in NordWestdeutschland w.V. (ESB)

Our specialisation

The strength of our tree nursery lies especially in the sowing of forest trees. We work with modern machinery and know-how, to offer the highest quality to you. Our team of more than 40 employees and seasonal workers ensures a smooth fulfillment of orders – even with large shipments.